June 11, 2009

a good breakfast

Pumpkin smoothie and lovely reading material courtesy of a fine little gal
pumpkin smoothie
Yes, I know it isn't fall, but pumpkin is good any time of the year. I love pumpkin pancakes, smoothies, and now I am a craving a pumpkin cupcake... yum!

Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe
In a blender put:
2- scoops (using an ice cream scooper) vanilla ice cream/yogurt blend
2- heaping scoops of canned pumpkin
6 oz- vanilla soy milk
a light sprinkle of pumpkin spice

Blend together, adjust to taste, and enjoy.

Oh no! Now, that I mention craving pumpkin cupcakes that is going to be what I want. Poor Ben. Where is he going to find that?!!

Don't forget the giveaway ends tomorrow morning!!!


  1. I'm with you, I can have pumpkin all year long! You look great Ruby :) We need to get together soon.

  2. Let me know if you'd like a divine recipe for pumpkin cookies!!! I am going to try your smoothie this weekend. YUM!! :)

  3. ruby!! if there is a peet's coffee house in la, they always have delicious pumpkin muffins & scones =) good luck, sweetie!

  4. omg that sounds delish! i love pumpkin all year round too! this makes me want pumpking bread...

  5. Ruby, thank you for the recipe! I immediately craved a pumpkin smoothie right as I saw your picture. The orange is so beautiful. Next time I'm at the grocery store... a can of pureed pumpkin is going in the basket :o) Hope you're feeling well!

  6. i have the absolute BEST pumpkin cupcake recipe. with maple cream cheese frosting. so die for- and really simple. Let me know if you'd like it! if only you could send cupcakes in the mail..

  7. I think Whole Food Market sells pumpkin cupcakes...I love pumpkin pie. I know in our family we are not fond of pumpkins (long story)...but when I met my husband I fell in love with it. I never tried pumpkin smoothie though. Thanks for the recipe. I will give it a tried when the time comes...Need to buy some ingredients.

  8. I love pumpkin everything. my mom used to make me pumpkin pancakes growing up and I love pumpkin bread, muffins, roasted pumpkin, pumpkin ice cream, and of course pumpkin pie. Will have to try this!


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