May 19, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week twenty

I just can't get enough. I hope you can't get enough either. 
week twenty
It is kinda cool living with superheroes.

Last week's polaroid is now up. Finally, got new ink. I know. It took me a week to get to the store. 

p.s. The Ultra-Appreciatives wanted me to tell you that they appreciate all the love you have given them. 


  1. That is adorable! What a special man you have to put that together for you, not to mention the gorgeous girlies who helped perform! :D

  2. too darn cute, rubyellen! I love that your Benny joins in too. Sometimes it's just the mums.

  3. OH MY DEAR, i could never get enough. what a beauty.

  4. Do you realize how amazing they are?
    So amazing.
    I've probably said that before. Verbatim. But that's 'cause I mean it.

    mrs boo

  5. one of your necklaces is featured in an editorial photo in Small Magazine!

  6. A-mazing. I showed this (and the previous post) to my daughter (3) and she is now playing "Brave and True" with her little sister (1)...running around the house cute and inspiring.

  7. your neighbors are probably spying on you guys with binoculars! (CREEEEEEEPY!!!!!!!!)they probably are thinking "wth is going on at that crazy house!?!?!??!"

  8. sufferingsummer- your story put such a big smile on my face. your daughters are just too cute!!!

    lin- haha... seriously, it was funny cause we went out to take our pictures and no neighbors were out. then, suddenly, people were driving up and all these people were out. ben was a bit embarrassed to be in some tighties, nevertheless, my hsuband is such a trooper!

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