April 21, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week sixteen

This was random. I took a polaroid of the lily pads at the gardens, but for some reason the camera spit out two pictures in one. One was completely brown and nothing, the other was this...
week sixteen
The center frame is also different from normal. At first, I didn't like it. Then, I thought it was just cool. Polaroids really make their own art. You just never know what you are gonna get.


  1. i've been reading your blog 9you are one of my favorite reads)for months now but have never left a comment!

    oohhh i remember my polaroid did something like this before...many instances, in fact! henry was his name and sadly no longer works.

  2. that is actually REALLY neat!!!
    ~adrienne K~

  3. awesome photo - i love it when polaroid's do this! have you ever used a holga?

  4. polaroids are so fun! this is what happens when the photo chemicals in the polaroid are old or randomly expired...funny how it can be unpredictable!


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