March 17, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week eleven

Just because ferris wheels always make nice pictures...
week eleven
Especially polaroid ones.

In case you didn't get the memo, it looks like polaroid film, especially the most sought after 600 film, may be saved after all! Hooray!!!

Though, I should be good to go for at least a couple years, as I just stocked up about two years worth of film...


  1. oh my gosh, you just delivered very lovely news to my ears! yeyyeyyey!

  2. what a great picture!and what AWESOME news i didnt know (*does happy dance*)

  3. This is a wonderful picture! I wish I had taken it :O) Ha ha.

    Thanks so much for sharing it, Ruby!

    Any hints yet on when that starry night crown will be making its debut??? I'm sorry. I'm just so curious about it.


  4. susan- it was harder than i thought. be on the look out end of this week!

  5. Yes. I knew it would be a difficult one. Just make your own interpretation of it :O) I'm sure it will be amazing!

    Love, Susan

  6. jenny- (and anyone else looking for film)


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