January 20, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week three

it was gray
My Nikon went wonky and made the day a bit gray, but I do like it when the sky is a bit gray.


  1. very nice pic.

    Separately, I thought of you today because I wrote an article on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. I actually came to your site to get some information from the little icon you have on your blog!

  2. Love the photo. I so want to get a polaroid camera. I just love how the images look so unique - arty, eerie, somewhat mystical.

    Maybe you can make your own coffee table book one day!

  3. that is SO pretty. i love how murky it is.

  4. becky- i am glad my blog is able to be of service, but that link i link to is just the best information giver on this topic!

    catherine- i love the eerieness! yes, you must get one!!! i will keep an eye out for another for you!


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