October 15, 2008

the cooking apprentice

With the new season, comes time to try the vegetables of the season. Ben takes this as a learning opportunity for his little healthy cooking apprentice.

The vegetable of the evening... acorn squash.

The recipe of the evening... Roasted Acorn Squash and Gorgonzola Pizza.

First, they set off to play Pat-a-cake...

They rolled it, and patted it, but didn't mark it with a B...

Then came time to prepare the featured vegetable...

Once again, they rolled it, patted it, but didn't mark it with a B...

Later they took it out of the oven, for Ben, True-y and me...
This was so yummy and the acorn squash was super delicious. It kind of reminds me of sweet potato, kinda. Nevertheless, whole wheat crust, fine cheese, and autumn vegetables make for a wonderful dinner. Let us not forget my two adorable cooks!

Eating healthy is really yummy... or maybe my Ben and True are just really good cooks.


  1. Love your green mixer! And the pizza looks beautiful. Acorn squash, now that's one I've never tried. How neat of your girls to be so adventurous.

  2. Looks good and healthy. I wish someone would come cook that up for me. :)

  3. eeekkk what a cutie. and what a fab helper.

  4. oh yum! i may have to make my family be adventurous and try that. I have a whole wheat pizza dough recipe but would you mind posting yours?

  5. I think I'll just steal all your dinner ideas.. forget looking recipes, just go to the Bratcher family meal guide.

    write a cooking book. cooking with the Bratcher- "How to cook with your child"


  6. oh and yes, agree with Molly..any chance we can get that pizza dough recipe??


  7. true looks so cute cooking with her daddy! i love the way you take your photos too!

  8. yes, i will put up the recipe!

    and thank iris!!!

  9. she is a better cook than i'm! send her over!!!

  10. OH Yum!!! I am going to have to make this!!! I've been wanting to find more squash recipes so we can eat what is in season! Tell Ben he's awesome... especially for cooking with his daughter!! And your photography is awesome too!!!


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