June 19, 2008

On the right track...

Today, I got this month's issue of Country Home in the mail and there was an article on "Antiquing in San Antonio" and they named all the places we go to!
It was kinda cool. Now we know for sure we are hitting all the right spots every time we go! Now, hopefully those places won't get ransacked like crazy now and still leave some goodies for us next time we go back (not sure when that will be...).

It has also been nice because we have been able to fix and decorate things around the house. I have been missing my old sap buckets on the walls, and now they are finally up...
I really love the color they bring into a room and now I don't think I want to paint my walls anymore. I absolutely adore the color white... it is so clean and simple.

Decorating is too much fun and now I am on a hunt to put more seating in our family room... though we may have just found the perfect thing. Another room that is on its way to being fixed is True's room... just wait and see, her room will be so perfect for her!


  1. I love the bright colors in your home and I've often left my walls white for the very same reason! They become sort of like gallery walls and the focus is more on what is hung! Can't wait to see what you're doing in True's room!

  2. I love that bucket idea. That is just too adorable. May have to steal that idea...not sure where cuz I'm running out of wall space. But oh those colors!!

  3. oh my, those buckets! so great. such a cheerful blog!

  4. I found you via Oh Happy Day and I love your blog...the whole time I was reading old posts I kept thinking "she lives in Texas"...and NOW I know you do :)! We're in the Fort Worth area...you ever make it to Antique Weekend?? We go each season - SO fun! Check out my post back in September for what we found this year! Anyway, sorry so long - but love your blog and will be back!!!


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