May 16, 2008

Almost forgot...

Thanks so much to Cool Mom Picks for their wonderful write-up on my Cakies crowns. I was very excited to wake up and see them there this morning...

This is also True's second time on their site... the first time was sporting a PGB doll and now for Cakies... yay!

Come on every kid needs a Cakies crown!!!


  1. hi ruby! this is linda's friend in korea, janet. i was wondering...are you selling any of your beautiful clutches? can you email me at

  2. loving sister ruby ruby! i love you and why didnt you wait for me i didnt get to see you friday!

    dance production is over and your wonderful sewing underwater creation did its magic! I LOVE YOU TANK YOU!

  3. Most definitely! Those cakies crowns are the best! I love to hear that you're things are getting publicity :) And True... she's just a doll!!! Beautiful as usual!


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