February 12, 2008

Tell the world...

I have funk.
To Rock On!!!

Make a statement and use Cakies clippies from the Do You Rock? Series up for sale now on etsy!!!

*** Stay tuned... more to come.


  1. I'm so glad you're blogging and on etsy again! I read your blog a couple of times before. It's so fun to see the things you make. They make me want to get creative too!

  2. Thank you Jenny for being so sweet! and for purchasing a Cakies (that was you right?). Come and visit my blog anytime, even @ rubyellen.blogspot.com... then maybe you will have your own line soon, cause working at a baby boutique has make all the creative juices flow!!! I think I would come out with less money working at one, cause I would spend all my money there and my husbands!!! Thanks for stoppying by!

  3. Just found you via Sugar City Journal. I love your etsy shop! Very cute stuff! (and your kids names are awesome!)


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